The activities of the Commission are coordinated in the following set up;

  1. Board of Directors: The Board of Directors is responsible for the governance oversight of the Commission.
  2. Commissioner for Insurance: He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Commission, supported in the Executive Committee of the Commission by two deputy Commissioners- Deputy Commissioner Technical and Deputy Commissioner Finance and Administration
  3. Directorate/Units: The External and Internal services of the Commission are provided by the following Directorates/ Units within the scope indicated.





  • Information Technology Unit:

The Information Technology Unit is responsible for the information technology services IT infrastructures.


  • Legal & Board Secretariat Unit

The Legal and Board Secretariat Unit srves as the Board Secretariat, provides legal opinions, vetting and drafting of contracts, sealing of official documents, monitoring of suits in courts.


  • Corporate Affairs Unit

The Corporate Affairs Unit serves as the mouth-piece of the Commission. Handles Publicity & Communication, Media Relations, Stakeholders’ Engagements & Brand Management, Protocol and Advert Approvals of insurance entities.


  • Servicom Unit

Servicom Unit monitors, ensures quality service delivery, efficiency, transparency within the Commission.


  • Audit Unit

The Audit Unit handles auditing of financial transactions and records and ensuring compliance with financial rules and regulations and Internal Control System.


  • Complaint Bureau Unit:

The Complaint Bureau Unit receives and resolves all complaints against insurance entities over non-payment of genuine insurance claims and other misconducts.


  • Enforcement & Compliance

The Enforcement and Compliance Unit dals with enforcement action taken by the Commission, including intervention and liquidation of irresolvable companies.  Impose penalties and follow through.